Isolation Transformer

We manufacture and export various types of Isolation and Insulation Transformers which reduce the effects of power Line problems like noise, spikes, surges, transients, and neutral, to a minimum.

What is an Isolation Transformer?

A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers power from one voltage level to another while keeping the frequency the same. And, if the primary and secondary windings are coupled through a common iron core, they are considered as the Isolation Transformer.
The secondary winding, as usual in transformers, is physically and electrically isolated from the primary winding.
There is no literal electrical link between the two windings. They are magnetically coupled, not electrically linked. All transformers except autotransformers provide isolation.

What are the Benefits of Isolation transformers?

The Isolation Transformers have plentiful benefits as-
  1. Protection of the users from faulty equipment.
  2. To have safe, reliable, and accurate measurements.
  3. To avoid ground loops.

Purpose of isolation transformer in UPS

Use of Isolation Transformers in UPS:

The isolation transformers are being used in online ups systems in several organizations to secure valuable machinery. Meanwhile, it is the area for debating amongst the power quality of authorities.
In fact! Many UPS contain the transformer of voltage conversion and allow output voltages in a constant way to protect electric equipment. In some cases, the auto formers are used but many organizations that use sensitive machinery worth millions can’t take a risk and prefer isolation transformers.

Functions of Isolation Transformer in the UPS:

As per the design, the biggest difference between transformer-based UPSs and transformer-less UPSs is obviously it does not have the isolation transformer. Therefore, its weight and size become much lighter and their efficiency improves visibly in comparison to transformer-based UPSs.

But, with transformer-based UPSs, there are significant advantages in comparison to transformerless UPSs. However, it has decades of history, that many UPS users doubt the performance of transformer-less UPSs and following problems can be occurred without using the isolation transformer in it:

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