Servo Stabilizers

Servo Stabilizers are designed and manufactured by 247PWR. We manufacturer all power backup equipments and gives the great importance to quality standards.

The servo stabilizer consists of a servo motor that controls the stabilization process and provides the optimal power supply voltage. By comparing the output voltage to a reference voltage level, a signal is sent to the controller to stabilize the voltage fluctuations at the desired preset output voltage.

Why use a servo stabilizer?

The servo stabilizer is not only a voltage fixed system but also a completely reliable energy device, which is superior to traditional relay-based stabilizers. There are many benefits to using a servo system:

  1. High voltage correction accuracy, the output is ± 1 voltage correction.
  2. Switch fewer systems to adjust the fluctuating voltage to the desired level.
  3. High load capacity, support up to 5000 KVA or higher.
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